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First Printing HC

by Stephen King

New King Cover #35

Signed / Numbered by

Stephen King Artist Glenn Chadbourne!
BOOK PROTECTION: For complete archival protection the dust jacket is sealed in an acid-free protective book cover upon publication, and then sealed in plastic for final protection.

This Purchase Features
  • 2018 Scribners First Printing hardcover
  • New King Cover #35, Signed / numbered by Artist.
    • FREE acid-free book cover on each copy!
$49.95    undefined
Art featured by Glenn Chadbourne is not final cover art.




by Stephen King
Signed with original Remarque by Glenn Chadbourne
 Remarqued 1 / 200
This purchase includes:
  • A Full Page Original Color Remarque.
    personally drawn on an interior end-page by Stephen King artist Glenn Chadbourne.
  • Signed by Glenn Chadbourne.
  • Also includes the New Stephen King Cover No. 35 for ELEVATION. Signed / numbered by Glenn Chadbourne. Number matches the remarque number of your copy.
  • Remarque Subscribers: If you are a subscriber you will receive your same number in this series. Signed & Numbered by Glenn Chadbourne.
  • An embossed gold seal features an original self-portrait stamp created by Mr. Chadbourne on the title page of the book. The number of each copy is featured within Glenn’s  eyes.
  • A Letter of Provenance, also features the embossed gold seal, unique to each copy, accompanies every sale that certifies the authenticity and origin of your original Remarque.
( $199.95 + $29.95 for the matching New King Cover normally 229.90)
$199.95    undefined

Remarque Special



by Stephen King
On Title Page
by Glenn Chadbourne

This purchase includes:

  • A Small Title Page Remarque by Stephen King artist Glenn Chadbourne.
  • Signed by Glenn Chadbourne.
E-mail ONLY SPECIAL!  This is not offered at the website.

$99.95    undefined