I’m told most sites such as this one contain a little bio of the artist, so here goes. I was born up here in Damariscotta, Maine, some 49 years back on a late October day. Nothing spectacular there. No particular fanfare. No sirens bleating in the streets, no cries of joy or horror from those in attendance

We lived on a quiet street near the town proper and there weren’t any kids nearby to play with, so as a small child I drew things to amuse myself like a lot of kids do. I lived in my own head, my own imagination through those young years. It was like Forest Gump who takes to running because it’s just in him. I took to drawing. There was a mom ‘n pop store (no convenience stores in those days) about a half mile from my house and around the time I was in grammar school my father would take me down there with him on Sunday mornings. The store carried comics/magazines and that’s where I was introduced to the great old Warren mags of the day. Famous Monster Of Filmland, Creepy, Eerie, Vampirella etc etc. Also the EC’s of course; Tales from the Crypt and so on. It should go without saying that I loved these things and because of that love I began to shift direction in my drawings, which up until then had mostly contained G.I. themes. I started to draw spooky stuff–and again, it stuck.

Time rolled along and I kept this up throughout high-school and into college. Then, in my twenties I decided to send some stuff I’d done off to various outlets that bought and published artwork for magazines. I didn’t have much luck, but I kept at it and sold a few things here and there. It wasn’t until I met my great pal Rick Hautala that things began to blossom. I met Rick at a Borders book store up here and we began talking over books, the horror bizz and so forth, and he asked to see some of my work. I drew a design for a short story collection of his called Bedbugs which was to be published by Cemetery Dance Publications and he loved it. From there I formed a relationship with the fine folks at CD and I went on to draw/paint things for a variety of their books/comics/magazine.

Along the way other publishers noticed my art and tossed a few gigs in my direction and as of today my work has appeared in some fifty odd books, along with a bevy of comics and magazines. Most notable of course being the stuff I did for Stephen King’s Secretary Of Dreams, volume one, and volume two–soon to be published–along with the really nice edition of SK’s Colorado Kid, published by PS Publishing. Lately I’ve done some artwork for Doug Clegg for his book, Isis, and that’s been morphed into a computer game. The game is very very cool and it’s another new direction I’d like to explore. And of course I’ve also caught up with the rest of the world with this online stuff now and I’m pretty excited about that.