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The Mist Hardcover SIGNED/LIMITED
The Mist Hardcover SIGNED/LETTERED

The SOLO edition has sold already.


by Stephen King


Pre-Orders Receive a Signed Copy of the Mist Art Book,


YO!  Glenn Chadbourne’s beautifully horrific piece above is the final cover for THE MIST hardcover coming soon! We were so elated with all the detailed work he put into this cover. You’ll have to see it to discover all the intricate detail he has laid out within. All the beasties within beasties… what a trip. You still have a chance to order the limited at the pre-order price, but that ends on November 1st. So hurry!
Last Chance at the Pre-Order Price!  The price below is good until November 1st!
LETTERED EDITION – We have twenty lettered editions to offer, that includes a personal Remarque art by Glenn Chadbourne, and one of the original pieces of art from The Mist Art Book! Lots of extra features. See details below. Again, only 20 copies!
SOLO EDITION – One copy, with unique features, and includes the original cover painting for THE MIST as seen above. See below for all the lovely details. The purchaser of this edition also has the first opportunity at future SOLO edition releases.
THE MIST Set is still in pre-production, and we’ve added a few extras that I’m sure you’ll appreciate is worth the wait. We’re still hoping we can get this out in 2018 and we’ll keep you abreast of upcoming details.

Elevation ships soon!  We have several offers, including the special Glenn Chadbourne Remarque deal… take a look below.

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