The New Stephen King Cover Series

Featuring Original, Wraparound, Cover Art by
by Stephen King artist, Glenn Chadbourne!

Details here!!

In continuation of Glenn Chadbourne’s original covers for the whole Stephen King catalog of novels and collections, we are now ready to take orders for THE DARK TOWER series of novels! These covers are at the printer and we will be shipping in July.

We are also offering Dark Tower Writing Journals – as pictured above!

  • Each cover is a complete wrap-around original painting by King artist
    Glenn Chadbourne.
  • EACH cover is Signed / Numbered by Glenn Chadbourne.
  • Dust jacket text by Dark Tower graphic author, Robin Furth, who co-writes all the Stephen King original Dark Tower comics series.
  • Every spine features a crow with the corresponding number as the Dark Tower novels were released, as you can see in the images here.
We Have Several Offers Available:


Receive the signed / same-numbered set of all eight covers  $199.95
BEST DEAL! Regular list price is 250.99 with shipping.

2:SAVE UP TO $120! DARK TOWER HARD COVER JOURNALS  with Signed Dark Tower Cover series. We are offering the series with writing journals, with the covers. You can buy as a set, at a special price now, or individually at

SUBSCRIBE to the Dark Tower Cover series, purchase one at a time, at regular price, until complete and receive the same number, and with FREE SHIPPING!  for each order!

As with all our special projects, a portion of these proceeds are given to Stephen King’s HAVEN FOUNDATION to help author’s and artists in need.
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      Dave Hinchberger
      Owner, Stephen King Catalog and Overlook Connection Bookstore and Press.