From Cemetery Dance:

Glenn Chadbourne Limited Edition
Dark Tower Artwork Portfolio
From Overlook Connection!

Hi Folks!

We have an extremely unique opportunity for our Stephen King fans and artwork collectors thanks to our friends at the Overlook Connection: The Glenn Chadbourne Dark Tower Artwork Portfolio!

This portfolio is the culmination of over two years of thoughtful design and layout for wraparound paintings of each Dark Tower novel. This is part of the Overlook Connections’ New Stephen King Cover Series and they’ve gone one step further to give these paintings a one-time lithograph production, signed by artist Glenn Chadbourne and author Robin Furth, and housed in a unique hard-board, gate-fold, slipcase, with foil stamping. This is truly one of the most beautiful productions we’ve ever produced. The paintings featured above are just a few of the set to give you a sneak peek.

All the paintings are new and original, but there is one more – An original painting of Mid-World – ONLY – available in this portfolio set, and signed & numbered by Glenn Chadbourne.

Please place your order today because we will never have more to sell!

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Thank you, as always, for your continued support and enthusiasm!

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