From Glenn!

Well, it seems I’ve been chosen to be the Artist Guest of Honor at 2013’s Bram Stoker Awards. The big event takes place in what I’ve always thought of as America’s number one creepy/cool city—the Big Easy, New Orleans. Words fail me on what a true honor this really is for me. I’ve been drawing and painting since early childhood and never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined this. I want to thank my good friend Rocky Wood for thinking of me. Rocky—the sweetest of souls—is a wonderful writer who realizes the genre brilliantly in every word he puts to print. He’s a true pro and an all around good lad. So thank you Rocky. I’ll be gathering originals to exibit throughout the coming year and I’ll have oodles of prints for sale. I’m up for remarquing folks books if people like and I’m sure everyone there will have a blast. So if you can make it to the event be sure and say hello, I’ll be there with shiny bells on! (now there’s a visual!)