Hi folks.

First off I’d like to offer an apology for the limbo-esque condition of this site for the past year. It’s a long story, not very dramatic and nobody’s fault. Essentially the guy who built it for me in the first place—and I think he did a swell job—moved on with his own things and at the same time I became crazed with work, and so things languished. I think of the site as a ghost ship, just floating along on its own haunted tape-loop through cyberspace.

Now, however, I’ve had the great fortune to meet a tech-savvy fellow who’s helping me get things back on track. Things will get dusted off, new art will be added and I’ll be posting weekly updates on what I’ve been up to. In short, the site will get a fresh start. So expect some updates soon and new artwork to be added to the gallery. As I mentioned, it’s been a crazy busy year but now things have settled down and I want to work on some projects specifically intended for this site.

Oh, one last thing. I’ve had several people tell me they haven’t been able to contact me from the email addrsss listed on the site. This was the fault of a typo in the email address. The correct email for me is [email protected], so please feel free to send any mails to that address, and I’ll respond to all. Thanks much.